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Introduction »
SaverScreens has evolved from a pre-SaverBeans incarnation with the aim of providing a higher-level API for building screensavers in Java. Whilst SaverBeans provides a good foundation for frame-based rendering, there is no support (at this time!) for Layout- and Java3D-based screensavers.

A SaverScreens screensaver should extend one of the following three abstract classes:

  • Screensaver2D
  • Screensaver3D
  • ScreensaverPanel
Installation »
To install SaverScreens on your system you need to do the following:
  • Windows 9x/2000/XP: Copy the files from the SaverScreens lib and lib/win32 to your Windows system32 directory (or system on Windows 9x).
  • Unix (Linux/Solaris):
Moire »
Moire is a simple demonstration of a 2D-based screensaver.
Bounce »
Bounce demonstrates how to create a Java3D-based screensaver.
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